The Sax Player painting
The Sax Player, painting by Will Richwood
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Flute Repair Services

flutes can be repaired at the WoodWind Shop

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to study fitting flute head/foot joints under Bob Gilchrist.  We worked together at Whitney’s Band Instruments in San Francisco, and also at Marin Woodwinds in Fairfax.  I’d be happy to look over any issues you might be having with the fit of your head or foot joint.  I’d also be happy to give advice to any repair technicians with questions about the procedure for fitting tenons.

There was a time when I worked on nothing but Flutes (including alto & bass flutes and piccolos).   At this time I’m happy to work on production model flutes (Armstrong, Artley, Gemeinhardt, Yamaha, etc), but for pro models (Powell, Haynes, Muramatsu, et al) I recommend Paul Rabinov
(  If Paul isn’t immediately available to handle an emergency repair, I’d be happy to assist you.

I offer three levels of repair work on flutes:
Adjust as needed can often be performed while you wait, and could include one or two pads.

Clean, oil and adjust involves dismantling the entire instrument, clean the body and all pivot points, remove any excess motion in the keys, replace key corks as needed, adjust the mechanism as needed, replace a few pads, play test and fit the head and foot for maximum response and even tone color.

Complete overhaul includes all of the steps of a clean, oil and adjust, plus polishing the keys and body (like new finish is available at additional cost) and replacing all of the pads.

Adjust as needed: $60/hr
Plated flutes (student models)
Clean, oil and adjust
starting at $90
Overhaul $225 (open hole $275)
Solid silver flutes
Clean, oil and adjust starting at $125
$325 (open hole $375)
Pads: $20 each (closed hole)
$30 each (open hole)